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Regain Your Confidence With Implant Dentistry

Whether due to disease, age, trauma or hereditary, missing teeth can have a negative impact on a person's self-confidence. Fortunately, implant dentistry has made it possible for people who are missing their teeth to regain the assurance they once had when chewing, speaking and smiling.

We Offer Affordable Dental Implants

OC Dental Implants is one of the best dental implant specialists in Orange County. Our patients can take advantage of affordable and high quality dental implants, which are aesthetically pleasing artificial teeth anchored into the jawbone by strong titanium posts to replace missing teeth. Because they come closest to replicating the look, feel and function of natural teeth, dental implants are often an ideal method of restoring one or more missing teeth. We also offer same day or one day dental implants to help you get a beautiful smile in just one day.

Biocompatible Materials Used in Dental Implants

Typically implants are constructed from materials that are biocompatible. Biocompatible materials are not recognized by the body as foreign and therefore, the body does not reject them. They are replacing the root portion of a missing tooth and are used to support the new natural looking teeth fabricated by the dentist.

dental implants and crown


marius implant bridge


Marius-2 implants and crowns in a
single visit

Highest Dental Implants Success Rate

Our Dental Implant Success Rate

With all the recent advances in dental implantology, patients should expect their implants to remain in function for many years, quite often a lifetime. The individual success rate for an implant is determined in part by a number of patient factors that may include the amount and quality of the existing bone when the implant was placed, the type of restoration and the patient’s hygiene or maintenance program, to name a few.

Although implants are made of metal, they are not bulletproof and occasionally a problem may arise. Unlike natural teeth, however, if a dental implant needs to be removed, it can usually be replaced once the bone in the area has healed.

Unilateral Fixed Bridge on Implants

Unilateral Fixed Bridge on Implants

full arch implant bridge

Full Arch Fixed Bridge on Implants

Reliable Dental Treatments in A Day

Dental implants have proven to be a reliable treatment alternative for patients with missing teeth with the ability to significantly improve the patient’s quality of life while restoring their physical well-being.


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Animated Implant Placement Procedure